Customer Testimonials

"...very happy with the service provided by Digi-Sign ... will certainly use Digi-Sign in future and recommend their services to others".

"The service at Digi-sign is excellent. I was amazed at the speed of response right from the beginning when I placed the order all the way to the end. Also after sales support was very good.... "

" the way it is an improvement working with the Digi-sign licensing system. So the system manager told me. Once in a while you make a good decision ;-)".

"SSL Certificate registration, implementation and renewal are not always as easy as it appears. With the [Digi-ISP™] program we get the assistance we need to make sure that we've got the right information first time so certification runs smoothly. Additionally, they gave us all the help we needed to get started, including technical and sales training. The service that they provide allows PSINet to provide a richer managed offering to customers."


"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided in the past few months with regards to our SSL renewals and purchases. And in particular your patience with us getting the Digi-SSL On-Site facility up and running.

It is always a pleasure to deal with suppliers who appreciate and understand the needs of their customers, during busy times."


Within the past couple of weeks the Technology area within Vodafone has been reviewing the quality of its suppliers, what's good, what's bad.

You will be pleased to hear that Digi-Sign were seen as a good supplier with all the traits that Vodafone wants to see, for example

  • Proactive

  • Good Technical ability

  • Good Internal Admin

  • Always willing to assist

  • Good communicators

  • Work with Vodafone to achieve
    their aims

Well done, and continue the good work

".....I just wanted to say that we recently updated are certificates our website, and initially the new certificates didn't work. However I contacted your support team, who spotted the error within 15 minutes of being on the phone to them, and we had the problem resolved very shortly after that.

Once again excellent support from Digi-Sign."

"I found Digi-sign to be efficient, friendly and knowledgeable when it came to renewing our SSL certificates. Queries by email were answered in minutes and the people answering the phones were very helpful. They followed up all queries and ensured that we had no outstanding issues.

Digi-sign is one of those rare companies in the Internet world which strive to get it right."

"Just to say thanks for the swift processing of our order - the two users are set up and have sent and received encrypted emails. It's been a pleasure. ".

"…would like to acknowledge the excellent service we have received. Your website is very helpful as you support team have been. The almost immediate delivery of the certificates has been quite a relief on many occasions ... easily able to manage the certificates with site improved reporting."

"…in response to an email to, I was after the root CA cert to add to our TLS mail servers.

I must say [Digi-Sign] have been an absolute pleasure to work with, especially compared to [name witheld] (I'm doing a similar exercise with them.) Thanks!"

"We have found the service provided by Digi-Sign to be second to none. From renewing our existing SSL certificates to requesting new SSL certificates the staff at Digi-Sign have always been extremely helpful and accommodating.

The help, support and friendliness of the staff was something we haven't experienced with our other suppliers. They have taken the headache out of using SSL certificates.

Doing business with Digi-Sign is an absolute pleasure."

"From technical support to business development, everyone at Digi-Sign has been very helpful this year.

Renewing the certificates of our online banking service every year has proven to be relatively easy after it had been classified as a very cumbersome task.

Thumbs up to the prompt support of personnel at Digi-Sign and my Account Manager's tremendous follow-up efforts."

"Thank you for sending the Certificate so promptly. Saved my bacon!"

"...we experienced a lot of problems with our ISP and Digi-Sign™ jumped right in and resolved the issues with a minimum of fuss. I am very grateful for this assistance and would recommend them as suppliers of online security for anyone..."

"Prior to using Digi-Sign, we found processing the sale of SSL certificates rather cumbersome. Now, the whole process is very easy, as they do all the work for us which frees up our resources. We were approached by Digi-Sign some months ago and at first we were quite sceptical at their claims, however, we are now processing orders from clients and have found the service to be extremely efficient and cost effective".

"Digi-Sign™ promised to offer us a service which was faster, more efficient and easier for us to manage, to ensure that SSL applications and renewals were on time. Since signing up to their service, we have seen a significant improvement from our previous provider, and Digi-Sign™ have been true to their word."

"The Digi-Scan service from Digi-Sign™ has been of great benefit to us in ensuring we have a secure and efficient Internet architecture. Registering for the service couldn't be easier and the fact that it is run over the Internet makes it especially useful. We recently changed our Internet architecture and Digi-Scan enabled us to perform regular security audits prior to going live. This saved us both time and money and provided us with a high level of confidence in the new environment"

"All received and installed OK. Thanks for your help, as always..."

"Choosing Digi-Sign as my SSL Certificate provider means that I get my certificates back much faster than I did from previous suppliers. Their products are top quality and their prices are more competitive.

The main reason I chose Digi-Sign is because I have my own dedicated Account Manager who I can contact at any time with any queries. The advantage of this is that I'm guaranteed that my Account Manager fully understands my requirements and addresses them immediately. This means I don't get have to go through a tedious process of speaking to 10 different people to help me get a solution.

If I run into any difficulty, I can speak with an experienced Technical Consultant who will talk me through any Technical queries I have, instead of being sent to a knowledge base on their website.

I would recommend Digi-Sign to anyone looking to secure their website because of their professional, friendly and fast service."

We requested our new ssl certificate at 10:50 and by 12:15 we received all of the necessary files for install. The email with the files contained a link to instructions for loading the ssl which went smoothly.

We had an issue of requesting the incorrect hostname for the certificate. This was rectified on the same day with no charge. Everyone has been helpful, professional and friendly."

"SSL cert was delivered extremely fast and your support always reply very promptly"

"I have found the Digi-Sign Sales and Support service to be excellent. I received a reminder email in plenty of time before the expiry date of the current SSL Certificate and the Digi-Sign sales staff made the renewal process completely painless. We experienced some problems with users on older browsers but the Digi-Sign support staff quickly identified the problem and offered us a number of solutions.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Digi-Sign for SSL Certificates."

"Certificate renewals with Verisign seemed to take forever (and cost a fortune) so we were really pleased to discover Digisign's speedy and chirpy service a few years ago and have stayed with them ever since.

Highly recommended!"

"It worked out quite fast. No improvements needed so far"

"We have received swift responses to our request and a good Technical assistance"

"Thanks to Digi-Sign for their help in setting up our SSL Certificates. They sent us our certificates in under 2 hours, whereas other companies have taken several days.

Thanks again for a fast and efficiant service, we will definitely use you again!!"

"At the moment your services is excellent and will recommend your services to others if I am asked"

"The service was outstanding, thanks very much for all your help."

"Digi-Sign's services were perfect for my requirements. The service I received was excellent - the time between submitting and attaining my SSL being minimal. I would recommend Digi-Sign's services to those providing online services."

"It is sometimes difficult to know where to even start looking for the "best deals" when it comes to the world of IT, and especially in the realms of the internet. We have in the past been happy to stay with our existing suppliers of SSL Certificates if only to avoid undue work loads in our somewhat fast paced environment. When you have a well-known brand as your supplier it is very often too easy to sit comfortably avoiding any disruption to your daily running.

This is why we were so pleased with the offerings of Digi-Sign™. Digi-Sign™ wasn't the first name to spring to mind for SSL Certificates but we were more than happy to deal with them. The first, and probably most obvious thing that struck us first was the cost. Much cheaper than some of the competition. If you are dealing with multiple corporate websites you can realise how quickly the pounds (yes, pounds, not pennies) mount up on your savings....

Normally you associate cheaper with less. Not true! The team at Digi-Sign™ gave us a 4 hr turn-around on what we needed. Moreover, their help and support have been thus far, excellent and I cannot envisage us moving to another supplier in a hurry.

In conclusion, I would be happy to recommend Digi-Sign™ to friends, colleagues and our own customers in this area of IT expertise."

"Can I take this opportunity to thank you and the Digi-Sign™ team. Once again your service has been second to none and I would recommend you to anyone without reservation."

"Purple Patch chose Digi-Sign initially because they offered a great value for money service. We chose to stay with them because they are also great to deal with. We have enjoyed a totally trouble free service and I therefore have no problem recommending them highly."

"Excellent service all-round and I'd say the service offered on this renewal was better than the last one we did with your competitor. Excellent technical assistance."

Digi-Sign™ service was friendly, professional and extremely efficient. The process of implementing their SSL certificate was seamless. I will definitely use their services in the future, and recommend them to others.

Global Betting Exchange/BETDAQ have been working closely with digi-sign over the last 3 years. We continue to conduct and develop all our digital certificate business with them due to their rapid responses/turnaround to sales requests, as we always need new certificates yesterday, and first class technical support.

Digi-Sign is our partner in PKI technology that drives the security of the BETDAQ infrastructure and doing business with them is a pleasure.

"I would go as far as to say that Digi-sign offer one of the most attentive levels of both technical and commercial service that I have experienced in any industry."

Just a short note to say how happy I was with all my dealings with Digi-Sign when purchasing an SSL Certificate.

The customer service was always friendly and enthusiastic as well as being both informative and very helpful. This coupled with your excellent technical support ensured that ordering, purchasing, receiving and deploying the SSL Certificate was a very straightforward and painless process.

I will immediately look to using Digi-sign again for any similar projects.

"[We] have been extremely happy with the service Digi-Sign provides, any problems have been resolved in a timely manner and the communication / flow of information has also been excellent, all in all it makes a very pleasant change from most of our suppliers (By the way, it is very rare that [we] would write a reference for any supplier, most don't deserve it!)."

"Thales eSecurity have been using Digi-Sign now for several years, we have found the service excellent and will continue to use them in the future.

Certificates are always received within hours of completing the process and together with the after sales service it makes them the ideal choice."

"Found DIGI-SIGN (or rather, they found me and not by spamming me either). We had been looking for an alternative source of server certificates for some secure Domino web sites we run here and this fits the bill admirably.

This is how it went. Created new keyrings for our various secure sites, generated CSRs, a brief exchange of emails with DIGI-SIGN, merged new certificates and trusted root certificates onto new keyrings and the whole thing was done in the space of a few hours.

Anyone looking for alternative sources of SSL certs for their web sites could do a lot worse than give these people a call..."

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"I can only say that your service is superb, your response time is unparallel to your competitors, your prices are more than competitive and yet your products are of high quality.

Most important is the direct contact with your personnel. I highly recommend your products and level of service to any business seeking a secure site for e-commerce."

"I would like to thank Digi-Sign for their swift turn-around in generating the SSL certificates with a simple well explained install process.

Dig-Sign clearly focus very heavily on customer service with their flexible approach to enable solutions."

"We have been extremely pleased with Digi-Sign. The rapid turnaround of orders combined with competitive pricing and account-based settlement make ordering SSL Certificates an highly satisfactory process.

Furthermore, being able to contact real people easily is an added benefit not always found with other suppliers."

"The customer service provided by digi-sign was excellent. There was a glitch with the delivery of my request, but it was rectified efficiently and without excuses."

"Thanks to all of you! Your support is excellent and I for one appreciate all the hard work and personal service that you give me. Thanks!"

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