Assistance with Validity Period

When issuing certificates you should decide what is the longest possible time that the certificate should be active and functional before a likely change is most likely to be required. For example, if you were to issue a 3-Year certificate that is going to be installed or used on a computer/server that is quite old, selecting a 3-Year option may not be wise. Alternatively, if the computer/server is relatively new, then selecting a 3-Year validity period may make perfect sense. Think carefully about this so that you do not waste money on long life certificates and equally, why would you opt to replace a certificate each year by selecting a 1-Year certificate when perhaps a 2-Year might save you some time and be more convenient.


In the Validity period there may be an option to trial this for 14/28 days. Select this option and proceed through the entire checkout process to confirm your free trial request.