Digi-CA™ Limited RA [LRA] - Control Centre

LRA Console

PDF This is the on line training manual for the installed Certificate Authority [CA] Software, Digi-CA™ Server and the Limited RA [LRA] - Control Centre component of the system.

Technically, the Digi-CA™ Control Centre inherits its design and all its features from the RA Management Console [RA MC]. However the Control Centre does introduce flexible configuration mechanisms that allow Registration Authorities to distribute RA roles and individual RA Management Console features to different organisational units, branches, partner channels and so on.

Depending on the configuration, policy and distribution of your Digi-CA™ system, some services may be disabled. The following is an overview of the key elements of the system:

These and other functions of the Limited RA [LRA] - Control Centre, 'Step-by-Step Instructions' on how to use each interface, what your System Administrators, Certificate Administrators and Registration Managers need to know and other training materials are listed in the sub sections below.

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