Apache Secure Authenticated Access


Digi-Access™ Setup and Implementation on Apache 1.3 (mod_ssl) Web Server

1. Enabling SSL communication security on Apache 1.3 web server
1.1 Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) using Apache 1.3
1.2 Installing your Digi-SSL™ Certificate on Apache 1.3
1.2.1 Installing your Digi-SSL™ Certificate
1.2.2 Installing the CA Chain file containing the Root & Intermediate Certificates
2. Enabling Client Certificate Authentication on Apache web server
2.1 Obtaining the Digi-Sign Certification Authority Certificate Chain
2.2 Configuring Apache 1.3 for Digi-Access™ Client Certificate Authentication
3. Obtaining a Digi-ID™ Client Certificate from Digi-Sign
3.1 Applying for a Digi-ID™ Certificate
3.2 Activating and Installing a Digi-ID™ Certificate
Table 1 - Standard CGI/1.0, Apache and SSL related variables
Table 2 - SSI/CGI Environment Variables 10