Service Overview

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Service Overview

The principal difference between Digi-CA™ Service Xs, Xp and Xg is the level of integration and customisation you require. For example, Digi-CA™ Service Xs is provided as a standard Service and there is no customisation or integration offered. The Digi-CA™ Service Xp offers language localisation of the Digi-CA™ Control Centre and the end user interfaces and Xg could be a highly integrated Service involving various databases, synchronisation and other features.

There are four versions of Digi-CA™ Service, each with self-explanatory names:

Each of these services is explained in detail in the following sub sections and the principal difference between Digi-CA™ Service Xs, Xp and Xg in each case relates to the type of digital certificate it issues and the degree of integration and customisation required.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Digi-SSL™ Service

You may be seeking a simple solution for getting SSL certificates or perhaps you have a larger and more specific set of requirements. You need many different digital certificates for several organisational divisions and locations. Whether your requirement is large or small, Digi-SSL Server™ easily meets your needs.

Traditionally, organisations have to wait hours or even days for SSL certificates. Other certificate solutions are cumbersome, labour intensive and expensive. With Digi-SSL™ Service these issues and others are completely removed.

You provide us with a list of domains that you need secured and before the Digi-SSL™ Service is activated these names are thoroughly Validated. All domain name validations are provided free-of-charge and once active, the Administrator is able to issue and revoke any Digi-SSL™ for any domain name in the system.

Ease of Migration

Digi-SSL™ Service has out performed even its best-known rivals by using the latest in digital certificate and Internet technologies offered by the Digi-CA™ certificate Engine core. It offers you a totally flexible, fast, convenient and easy to use Service.

Moving from your current SSL ordering system to the Digi-SSL™ Service couldn’t be easier. The Digi-CA Assistant™ can create a list of your SSLs automatically and then upload this list to the Digi-SSL™ Service system. The migration process occurs as part of your normal SSL Renewal process and this means that all your existing certificates remain valid until they need to be replaced. Using the Digi-CA Assistant™, the Digi-SSL™ Service automatically ensures that the migration process is child’s play