2X joins the Digi-Sign ARP Network

This announcement confirms that 2X has joined the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network. This nature of this landmark agreement is that 2X will use Digi-Access™ digital certificates for securing access to more than 60,000 2X systems around the world.

Initially, Digi-Access™ will be the sole method of providing digital certificate, two factor authentication on the 2X Application Server. The agreement also indicates that further integration with other 2X applications is planned over the coming months.

The 2X Application Server offers:

When combined with the security enhancement offered by Digi-Access™, the 2X Application Server now offers:

2X and Digi-Sign will work together to deliver the most modern and up to date two factor authentication and systems access solution available in the market today.