Overview of ARP Solutions & Services

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Digi-SSL™ Service    
  Managed SSL   Get your own dedicated Secure Socket Layer [SSL] issuing and management system so that you can issue SSL certificates to your customers in a matter of minutes
Digi-CA™ Service    
  Managed PKI/CA   Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] Certificate Authority [CA] system offered as a service outside the customer organisation. Capable of issuing thousands of digital certificates & digital signatures every hour and suitable for use in most environments
Digi-CA™ Server    
  Installed PKI/CA   PKI/CA system installed at the customer organisation. Capable of issuing thousands or millions of digital certificates & digital signatures and typically for large scale deployments and government projects
  Two factor authentication   Two factor authentication for portals, VPNs, online services (banking, insurance, medical, etc), device-to-device authentication (IP phones, traffic systems, etc) or anywhere that increased, authentication of users or devices is required
Digi-Seal™ Server    
  Server signing   Server base form and document signing system suitable for online bidding & ordering, document signing & submission, workflow systems, or anywhere that wants to use digital signatures to sign documentation at the server
Digi-Seal™ Desktop    
  PC signing   Desktop/user based software for personal use to sign any kind of file or document using a digital signature. Has many varied uses and applications
  Digital identity   Digital identification and/or digital signature suitable for eveything from National IDs & Passports through to simple transaction, log or database signing and suitable for use on servers, end user computers, tokens, smart cards and other devices where personal/organisation identity must be proven
Root Signing    
  Your CA   Root signing service to achieve 'Trusted Root' status for your CA and certificates
Digi-CA™ WPKI    
  PKI for Mobile   Customised Digi-CA™ specifically for the Wireless PKI [A WPKI] market for use according to new standards for mobile security
Security Hardware    
  HSMs, Tokens & Smart Cards   Hardware Security Module [HSM] devices for networks and/or installed PCI cards. CryptoUSB tikens, smart cards, readers and other hardware components from manufacturers in the ARP Network
  Consulting   Factual, high-quality, PKI/CA advice from experienced personnel that can show you how your Certificate Authority [CA] should be implemented, integrated and maintained
ARP Membership    
  Affordable alternative
  Faster to configure and activate. Less (or no) hardware.  More flexible to integrate. Less people required, and all this means that however you decide to work with us, membership of the ARP Network will help improve your customer retention and your bottom line

Why you should join Digi-Sign's ARP Network