Configuring the 2X Application Server to Use Digi-Access™

Step-by-step instructions on how to enable Digi-Access™

30 Minutes

Enabling Digi-Access™ client certificates for two factor authentication will take 30 minutes (or less). Configure the 2X Application Server by following these simple steps (for full detailed instructions and screenshots, read the IIS Support pages):


1. Download and save these two certificates:

   Digi-Sign Root CA

   Digi-Sign CA Digi-Access™ Xs

2. On the server, click the Start button, select Run and type MMC, before clicking the 'OK' button

3. You should now be in the Microsoft Management Console and should follow these steps:

4. Now all you need to do is import the Digi-Access™ Root certificate, following these steps:

5. Then import the Digi-Access™ intermediate CA certificate, as follows:

6. Go to Windows Administrative Tools and open the properties window for the website that you have enabled SSL on. Open the Directory Security by right clicking on the Directory Security tab and then follow these steps:

7. Start Internet Services Manager, or open the MMC that contains the IIS snap-in.

How to get the 2X Digi-Access™ OU Codes

Read these instructions to find the OU Codes for your customer.