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Trusted Root Certificate Authorities & Browser Compatibility Study

On behalf of the Board of Digi-Sign, The Certificate Corporation [Digi-Sign], the following General Release Document is being published as a direct reaction to recent 'information' regarding Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and Browser Compatability. This document shows the recent statements to be factually incorrect or misleading.

As a result of extensive research over a four month period, it was decided that the following interim results should be released:

In summary, a detailed report on the interim findings from the investigation was neither required nor warranted.

IE4.0 or Netscape 3.x+ browsers are seven years old and few, if any, vendors support this ageing technology. As a security company, Digi-Sign tries to promote safe computing and internet usage in its security awareness initiatives. Encouraging users toward a more current and secure browser forms part of these initiatives.